Helping teens to become

happy, confident, successful


Molly Hurd

My goal is to help enhance the lives of those that I meet by offering  homeschool science classes and summer science camps, access to nontoxic home products and health care products, or coaching and encouraging individuals or groups for personal development. 

I have a Masters in Education, a BS in Biology and I’ve been working with kids of various ages and stages as a public school teacher for 12 years, and I’ve been running my own educational summer camps for years and also working with home school co-ops.

I’ve got more than 30 years of experience of helping kids, and I’ve seen some major success in what I’ve been able to accomplish with kids who are struggling in the school system.

Unlock Your Child’s Full Potential with a Wholistic Neurogrowth Learning Approach

Are you concerned about your child’s academic progress? It doesn’t need to be a constant struggle for teens to get good grades, complete assignments, and take ownership of their schoolwork.

They will be adults before you can blink, and they need to learn some good habits for organization and taking responsibility for their work, or they’re going to have some mighty unhappy bosses, and Mom won’t be there to bail them out!

What if you could have a stress-free learning journey with your kid and get off the struggle bus? You’ve probably tried tutoring, but typically the problem can’t be resolved with that approach.

It’s more about building good habits, and giving them the right tools to SOLVE their problems. That builds confidence in their natural intelligence and abilities.

Your kid is SMART – I’ll bet my life on it, but the typical school system just isn’t designed to bring out the best in them.

As former public school teacher, I recognize these limitations. That’s why I’ve built a wholistic neurogrowth learning experience to help these teens become successful.

They don’t need more textbooks, homework, and exams. They need to learn HOW to learn and how to adapt to the typical classroom environment that isn’t tailored to fit each student’s needs.

Schedule a free 30-minute consultation call to see how this program may benefit you and your teen.

What is a Wholistic Neurogrowth Learning Approach?

You’ll often hear me refer to this approach because I’m working with the WHOLE student, not just their academic success. As I uncover their learning styles, I’m also helping them develop skills that will serve them in their adult life.

Gaps in mindset, physical wellness, executive functioning skills, and subject areas create enormous obstacles to your teen’s success in schoolwork, but also in making friends, staying healthy, and being able to develop the necessary problem solving and organizational skills to tackle life in general.

This isn’t just about getting them through school, it’s also about developing a plan to make them the happy, confident, and successful learner they deserve to be for a successful life.

Here’s Why Traditional Tutoring Doesn’t Solve the Problem

  • It robs your child of the chance to think independently.
  • It fails to address the root causes of their struggles
  • It typically follows a one-size-fits-all model, instead of treating your child as a unique individual
  • It leads to dependency and helplessness
  • It might not be the best fit for your child. The tutor may know their subject, but not how to motivate your child or correct their behavior issues.
  • Isn’t set up for neurodivergent children

How I Can Help Your Teen

My approach is to make learning EASY and ENJOYABLE for every student, no matter what their abilities or disabilities. I want to set your child up with the following tools.

  • A winning MINDSET
  • A much-needed SKILLSET
  • A customized ACTION SET
  • A personalized TOOLSET

I have years of experience in coaching struggling students, unmotivated learners, and children who’ve learned to HATE schoolwork. Traditional methods don’t address their structural weaknesses, such as a lack of executive function (very common in students of all ages), and chronic disorganization, or even neurodivergent issues like ADHD and mild Autism.

Instead, I prefer to focus on your child’s strengths and their potential. Some of the teens I work with, it’s like night and day when they learn how to organize their papers, work within a daily schedule with a focused to-do list, and gain confidence through positive reinforcement.

My background as an academic coach, a life coach, executive function coach, and a wellness coach all combine for the perfect skillset for me to help you AND your teen to cope with a challenging and fast-paced world that seems like an endless struggle so far.

My plans are tailored to each student’s uniqueness and each family’s differences.

How Does it Work?

First you and I have a brief Discovery Call to decide if this approach is right for your child.

Then if you want to move forward, I have four one-hour alignment sessions over Zoom that will lay the foundation for the ongoing project plan that I will present to you in the final session. Parents are welcome to listen to the session and they are recorded so you can go back and review them with your teen if you desire.

Session 1 – Discover your teen as their unique individual self.

Session 2 – Discover your teen as a student and begin my learning style process.

Session 3 – Do assessments of where your child is academically to identify what is working and what isn’t working.

Session 4 – Discuss possible intervention strategies and complete a meta learning destress method to help your child overcome their learning struggles.

Session 5 – With parents. Presentation of my findings and discuss plan going forward to create success in life and in the classroom.

Cost is $500 for the 5 sessions, payable via PayPal or Venmo. Additional sessions can be arranged as needed.

How Else May I Help You?

Enhance the quality of your home with nontoxic products including cleaning products, personal care, nutrition, and so much more.

I’ve run summer science camps for years. Nothing better than hands-on science and learning about nature!

Learn to recognize and understand personalities and learning styles to better relate with others and help to enhance the lives around you.