Enhance the quality of your home with cleaner & healthier products including cleaning products, personal care, nutrition, make up, medicines, and so much more.

In 2022, I was introduced to an online wellness store that solved my problem of finding better products for my entire household that were affordable! Not only do I save time and money, but the products work so well! Imagine if Costco, Whole Foods, and Amazon got together and had a baby – that is the shopping club.

All the products are made in the USA, and are plant based and don’t use harsh toxic chemicals. They don’t even need childproof caps on the cleaning products because they are so safe. This makes them safe for your whole family, including children and pets.

Curious about the impact of traditional cleaning products and chemicals on your children’s learning abilities? Think of the impact of laundry soap, air fresheners, soaps/shampoos, toothpaste, food dyes, or food additives. Your children may be exposed to these compounds dozens of times every day. Additionally, independent studies have found that using big name brand cleaning products weekly is the equivalent of smoking a pack of cigarettes per week. Why would you want that for your child?

And what about their diet? Research demonstrates a profound influence of excessive sugar on cognitive development and well-being. Many studies refer to the significance of a healthy gut as our second brain.

Discover how transforming your home environment with toxin-free cleaning products and embracing a nutritious diet can enhance your child’s learning potential. Explore simple, yet effective strategies, including tailored snack suggestions, hydration guidelines, and exercise routines designed for students and their families.

Make the switch to cleaner, greener, alternatives for both cleaning and personal care products, ensuring a safer environment for your loved ones, including pets, and promoting food-safe practices throughout your home.

What if Healthier Could Also be Less Expensive?

Also, the cost of ALL products continues to rise. Why not beat inflation AND have better quality products for your home? The online wellness store is by invitation only and can help you stretch your budget.

A few other benefits include:

  • Earn up to $100 in free product your first 5 months

  • Earn loyalty dollars by shopping at other stores like Walmart, Athleta, and 100’s of others through their website.

  • Free Weight loss program formulated by a registered dietitian

  • Pasture raised beef

Price comparison


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